Research Network Activity


Current Activities

CIFRA supports a weekly seminar in Finance at the University of Amsterdam. 

CIFRA is engaged in setting up a network on macro finance researchers, organizing an annual meeting on cutting edge methodology in modelling endogenous risk creation over the business cycle

CIFRA cooperates since 2011 with the Dutch Central Bank for a joint DNB CIFRA Seminar Series, held alternatively at DNB and at the University of Amsterdam.



CIFRA has over the years organized conference series with top international partners. Earlier themes were New Ideas in Finance (2000-2004), Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets (1998-2006), Finance and Innovation (2005-2008), History of Law and Finance (2006-2011). 

While some of these series were classic academic conferences, many were brainstorming workshops bringing together top researchers from the US and Europe to debate specific research issues. Co-organizers of these events included Raghu Rajan, Franklin Allen, Luigi Zingales, Daron Acemoglu, Joel Mokyr, Luis Garicano and Ulrike Malmendier.  

Since the crisis the main focus has been on assessing the lessons from the crisis and for modeling and policy making purposes, in cooperation with DNB or the Duisenberg School of Finance. A new workshop series initiated since a  2012 pilot initiative organized at the Bank of England focuses on the new frontier of macro finance research, seeking  more articulate micro foundations for the analysis of credit and business cycles. The first initiative in Amsterdam has been organized jointly with CEPR and the newly established Macro Finance Risk Center at the University of Amsterdam, which will pursue this initiative in the future (UvA Macro Finance Risk Center).

A related initiative held under the sponsorship of the Duisenberg School of Finance has been the organization of an annual Summer School in Dysfunctional Finance (2010-2012), organized by an informal faculty network with Princeton University, LSE, and University of Toulouse (DSF Dysfunctional Finance).

 CIFRA takes part in several organized research networks in finance with top European and US business schools. Funding from the European Community for research networks has enabled much circulation of ideas and people, among Universities in the network. In addition research networks have acted as a catalyst for several new initiatives in which we participated and organized. Several visitors and seminar speakers have been funded from the network.


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